samedi 14 février 2015

Moroccan Nights

Moroccan Nights, my new favourite sweater. I finished this one a few weeks ago and I'm very pleased with the way it all tuned out. This was a very tricky textured knit: double moss stitch, increases, decreases and cables all at the same time. I had to write everything down and keep notes of what I was doing. I got stuck at one stage because I misplaced my little notebook and didn't know what I had to do next. So keep notes and don't loose your little notebook ;-)

If I should make this again, I will change the neckline a bit. I don't like the way the neckline rolls at the back. I was thinking of addding an i-cord to flatten it but another blogger suggested to do a row of single crochet, so I might just try that.

Pattern: Moroccan Night by Rililie
Yarn: Drops alpaca, 5 skeins for a size small
Needles: I used 3mm and 3,5mm needles

Cable detail on the sides

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