jeudi 28 novembre 2013

Henslowe: A tale of three shawls

Henslowe by Beth Kling. One of my favourite shawl patterns. It looks complicated to make but in fact it's very simple. I made three of these so far and see more in the future. These make great gifts. I made one for myself and the other two were gifts.

I used different yarn for each of the Henslowes. I knitted the patern as is each time.

Henslowe using Juliespins MCN, Shoot.
My first Henslowe, the one I kept for myself is made with Juliespin's MCN. I just love this yarn, it's very light and soft due to the cashmere. This however makes a smaller shawl.

Wollmeise 100% Superwash merino, Merlot

The second Henslowe was made with Wollemeise 100% merino. I didn't like knitting with this yarn, it's a bit stringy. Once I blocked the Henslowe, it grew a lot and I love the way it drapes. I think the Wollemeise is the perfect yarn for this pattern. It's give you a nice sized shawl.

Henslowe usng Madelinetosh merino light, Curiosity

The third Henslowe was for a last minute birthday gift. I used Madelinetosh Merino Light. Here again, it gives a bigger shawl than the Juliespins and it drapes lovely. I used almost every gram of the skein.

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